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A fresh wave of worship music hailing from the suburbs of Houston, Woodlands Worship is the creative outlet for world-renowned Woodlands Church. A community of believers that began with just 8 members in 1993, Woodlands Church has grown to have a global impact with over 50,000 individuals regularly participating in the church's ministries both in person and online. Led by senior pastors / founders Kerry and Chris Shook, the church is known for its outreach and ministries across the Houston area; fighting against sex trafficking, hunger, racism, poverty, and brokenness in the community.

Woodlands Worship officially launched its name into the worship music scene with the release of its first ever album, "Live" in May 2019. The album was an immediate success across multiple platforms, with the single "Maker" reaching over one million streams on Spotify alone. The group continues to write and play original songs on a weekly basis for its regular worship services and is anticipating to release more songs to the public in Fall 2020.

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