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Fighting For Us
Fighting For Us


Christian singer/songwriter Tom Golly didn’t always have a voice for Christ. Even as a young man growing up in Long Island NY, Tom struggled with a sense that something was missing and didn't know where to even begin looking for it.

In 2009 after coming to know Christ, Tom began doing standup comedy at a Long Island Christian coffee house, creating quite a buzz. While he found some success and enjoyed it, he felt it placed heavily on his heart and soul one night as they played his favorite song on the PA as he walked up to do his set that he should be singing and not telling jokes. A series of events that followed only the next 2 days Tom felt it was God saying “I WANT YOU TO SING!” As Tom answered the call and began singing was finally aware of the something bigger he had been seeking his whole life, God. God met Tom where he was and fully showed Himself for the first time; all those years of searching were over, Tom finally knew what REAL love was, and it didn't come from a person; he was Loved and valued by God.

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