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The Worship Initiative is an online training resource for worship leaders and worship teams. We are empowering worship leaders and musicians towards their calling with thousands of in-depth craft training and genuine heart training videos. In 2014, Shane and Shane founded The Worship Initiative to equip and encourage worship leaders and teams around the country. Thousands of people are being built up weekly as a result of their labor. With a studio based in Dallas, The Worship Initiative team has released 20+ albums worth of music and training material. Each album is wrapped in instrument training content, including charts, multitrack stems, and instrument tutorials for every musician. Hundreds of devotionals were written to teach how the songs are informed by scripture, and chord chart tools and setlist features make it easy for worship teams to grow together. The Worship Initiative hopes to break down the most popular worship songs and rebuild them one video at a time, as well as, clearly break down the Bible to build up worship leaders and teams in the church. Take a free test drive today at

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