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People of the Earth is a worship ministry based out of Kentucky. With hearts rooted in their local church, People Of The Earth (POTE) released their latest EP, “Victory,” in January 2019 through a digital distribution partnership with Capitol CMG.

People of the Earth, comprised of a collective of worship leaders, released their debut album "We Are People of the Earth" in 2015 and have toured across the country at camps, conferences, and festivals. They followed that project up with an EP in 2017 titled “In All Things”. The success of this EP led to an exclusive worldwide distribution deal with Capitol Christian Music Group in 2018. The band has amassed over 10 million streams and has become a common fixture on the most influential Christian & Worship playlists across music streaming platforms. Comprised of Dustin Fenison, Jorge Lopez Jr., Steve Hampton, Josh Lopez, Rhyan Shirley, and Jason Richard, the bands totes musical influences from artists including Toto, Duran Duran and “80’s pop.”

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