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Ultimate MainStage Collection 5 - StageReady Exp

Peter James

StageReady MainStage
Bright Mellotron Pad Arp Rhythmic Lead Bass Ambient Moog Pulse Warm
1.88 GB
StageReady MainStage


We just want to go over a few things briefly:

1. This patch requires an authorized and working copy of MainStage. Please refer to the “Minimum Software Version” section on this product’s page to confirm compatibility before purchasing. Additionally, this patch has been built and designed inside of StageReady MainStage Template. To use this patch as intended you will need the StageReady Template for MainStage. Some patches may also employ the use of third-party plugins. Any additional third-party plugins required will be listed in the “Required Plugins” section of this product’s page.

2. Additional third party plugins and effects may have been used on the original recording that are not present or have been replicated meticulously using stock effects. The patch producer has used the tools available to replicate any external instruments/devices used on the original recording. Changing the levels of these effects will have a significant impact on sound; We suggest tweaking these effects levels to to achieve the sound that fits your needs.

3. The purchase of this patch entitles you to use it on ONE computer at a time. You may not share this patch with anyone else. Any redistribution and resampling of this patch in any form/format is prohibited and a violation of our terms and conditions.

4. Turn knobs, change settings, combine sounds, and have fun!

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This bundle is a StageReady MainStage Expansion version of Ultimate MainStage Collection 5. While the sounds are identical, this expansion pack allows you to combine your favorite sounds from Ultimate MainStage Collection 5 with your favorite StageReady sounds, all within the same template. 

Ultimate MainStage Collection 5 is a collection of 34 all new patches consisting of brand new Pads, Leads, ARPS and Basses. It includes all new patches used on Hillsong Worship's - There Is More album.

*Please Note* This bundle requires a copy of StageReady MainStage Template

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Este patch foi usado em 3 Músicas

OB Bright (Pan Spread)


Este patch foi usado em 3 Músicas

Digi Bass


Este patch foi usado em 1 Músicas

OB Pulse Pad (Pan Spread)


Este patch foi usado em 1 Músicas



Este patch foi usado em 1 Músicas

OB Aggressive (Pan Spread)


Este patch foi usado em 1 Músicas

Trance Strings Wide


Este patch foi usado em 1 Músicas

OB Computer Pluck


Este patch foi usado em 1 Músicas

OB Pluck Bass

Ultimate ARP Combo 2

Ultimate Pad Combo

OB Bright

OB Pulse Pad

OB Pluck Bass Chorus

OB Computer Pluck Verb

Digi Bass Wide

Trance Strings

OB Aggressive

OB CS80 Strings

OB Filter Pluck

OB Bright Filter

Deep Sub Bass

Mellotron Strings

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